Walton Vale & Smithdown Road cycling infrastructure

I happen to work for Liverpool City Council – although my work is not in any way cycling policy related. I was asking around for a copy of the new “Cycling Revolution strategy” as promoted via the Liverpool Express website the other day (liverpool express story) and mentioned that I was interested in sharing it via this blog. The Council’s Cycling Officer asked if I would be interested in sharing the following documents with the local cycling community to ask for any cycle infrastructure related suggestions.

It turns out that as part of the council’s ongoing road maintenance programme, the two areas below are scheduled for works in the near future and comments and suggestions regarding improvements to the cycling infrastructure have been requested before Friday 30th May.

I understand that these schemes have already been shared with other Liverpool cycling groups, but I hadn’t heard about them, so I’ll share them here in case they’re news to anybody else too!

The first scheme is between Walton Vale and Rice Lane – click the map for a larger version

Scheme 6: Walton Vale and Rice Lane

Scheme 6: Walton Vale and Rice Lane

This isn’t my area, but any suggestions people have about pinch points, signage, crossings, parking, cycle lanes etc will be gratefully received. Obviously there are no guarantees that any suggestions will definitely be implemented but they will be passed on to the right people and considered as a part of the maintenance works when they take place.

The same applies for the second scheme – a lot closer to my home as it forms part of my commute to work along Smithdown Road and Ullet Road.

Scheme 4 Smithdown Road and Ullet Road

Scheme 4 Smithdown Road and Ullet Road

I have my own two-pennuth to contribute regarding the second route but I’ll be sure to pass anything left in the comments to this post (before Friday 30th May 2014!) along. Please don’t ask me for any more information (dates, extent of works etc) – this is all I know!

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