F**k me, it's Robocop

I’m an all-weather cycle commuter, having graduated from a DIY electric bike (yes, more later) to actually pedalling some two years ago.

I have the luxury of two or three fabulous routes to work in the city centre from my home in South Liverpool, all of which combine some aspect of lush parkland, cycle tracks, scary junctions, buses and crazy drivers.

I ride a couple of bikes – my all weather workhorse is a Charge Mixer 8 speeed 2010 model, while my “summer ride” is an Orbea Aqua rescued from a police auction and kitted out from eBay – thus lovingly known as “the eBay Flyer”

I’m nowhere near as fit as I ought to be. I don’t do the 20 mile rides at the weekend I always convince myself I should.

I have an unhealthy addiction to cycling clothing, gadgets and equipment, which I hope to pass on to you, the reader.

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